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Lab support

Cell and molecular biology, biotechnology and protein chemistry and histology with techniques;

  • Screening and development of cell-based models and analyzes.
  • High Content Screening, for example Cellomics Array Scan.
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Multiplex assays, for example MSD.
  • PCR, RT-PCR and RT-qPCR, sequencing, mutagenesis, cloning, expression of recombinant proteins in various expression systems such as E. coli, mammaliecells, and Pichia and Baculovirus transfection and Western.
  • Histological techniques and Immunohistochemistry.

The following services;

  • Support and maintenance of instruments, for example. weekly or monthly maintenance of FACS instruments.
  • Process development of laboratory operations, eg. automation of methods and techniques to increase quality and efficiency.
  • Support for the purchase of lab instruments, lab exercise material and chemicals.

Note! From February 2017 these services are provided by Red Glead Discovery AB

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